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       Events 01/06/2011
CEOC International celebrates 50th Anniversary in Warsaw


CEOC International and its Polish member UDT (Urzad Dozoru Technicznego) organise 4-day high-level conference and networking event on the safety of energy-producing installations and the sector’s challenges for the next decades.


Turning 50 does not happen every day. And, even if safety is on CEOC members’ mind every single work day, the sector’s achievements and tackling of challenges are most of the time taken for granted and are imminent to modern society as a silent but indispensable principle.


Having reached a certain ‘age of maturity’, CEOC International, together with its Polish member UDT who celebrates 100 years of technical inspection in Poland this very year as well, decided this would be a good moment in time to take stock of its eventful history. The setting could not have been more meaningful: CEOC members had gathered for the 4-day meetings in the historical city of Warsaw, in the geographical heart of Europe and perfect incarnation of the uniting spirit of the European Union just at the moment when US President Barrack Obama paid his first official visit to the Polish capital. Discussions, both at political and at technical levels those days, followed the claim of making the world the safest possible place for its inhabitants.


CEOC International Conference on Energy


The catastrophe in Fukushima still being fresh on our minds, CEOC organisers had dedicated one part of the Monday morning international conference to energy and the safety of related installations. The panel consisted of high-level guest speakers from the political side such as Hanna Trojanowska (Deputy Minister of the Polish Ministry of Economy and responsible for nuclear energy), Lena Kolarska-Bobinska (Member of the European Parliament and reporter on energy efficiency dossier) and Piotr Szymanski (Director of Nuclear Safeguards, European Commission Directorate-General for Energy). Renewable energy sources and their share in the whole energy mix were well presented by two strong advocates of the sector, Rainer Hinrich-Rahlwes (President of the European Renewable Energy Federation) and Piotr Wisniewski (Vice-President of the Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy). From the third party sector Marek Walczak (President UDT, Poland), Hugo Eberhardt (TÜV AUSTRIA, CEOC President) and Nikolaj Georgijewicz Kutin (President of Rostechnadzor, Russian Federation) highlighted the importance of technical safety in the energy sector.


The CEOC conference was followed by break-up sessions of the technical committees in the afternoon, discussing the safety of the traditional CEOC members’ fields of activities such as machines, lifts, cranes, pressure equipment, technical installations and products via different methods such as conformity assessment, non-destructive testing and others. The range of CEOC committees has grown since its foundation in 1961, undoubtedly a sign of the diversification of modern society and related challenges.


New emerging technologies such as nanotechnologies, artificial intelligence, nuclear fusion, wireless networks and others involve new hazards and yet opportunities for conformity assessment bodies, to use the word of CEOC Communication Chair and speaker at the Warsaw conference Marc Van Overmeire (Vinçotte, Belgium). Increasing consumer demand, globalisation in sourcing and distribution and the existence of significant diversity of products are providing substantial impetus to product testing and certification. A society where the time-to-market is becoming shorter and shorter, where the accepted risk should become lower and lower is a real challenge for CEOC and its partners. Led by the outgoing CEOC President Hugo Eberhardt (TÜV AUSTRIA), the newly elected President Simo Hassi (Inspecta Group, Finland) and Vice-President Van Phuc Lê (APAVE, France) and the consolidated voices of the TIC sector CEOC International always took and keeps taking this challenge for another 50 years and beyond!


51st CEOC General Assembly


Following the Energy Conference and workshops on Monday, the 51st CEOC International General Assembly was held on 31 May also at the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw. During the meeting Hugo Eberhardt (TÜV AUSTRIA) officially handed over the presidency of CEOC International to Simo Hassi (Inspecta Group, Finland) whose candidacy had been unanimously approved by the members. Van Phuc Lê (APAVE Group, France) succeeds Simo Hassi as Vice-President of the federation. In addition, Mr Mark Thomä (Member of the Board of Management DEKRA SE; Head of the Business Unit DEKRA Industrial;

Managing Director of DEKRA France S.A.S.) has been appointed as new CEOC Board member.


The outgoing President, Hugo Eberhardt, who has chaired the federation for 12 years, as well as his predecessor Artur Salcher (TÜV AUSTRIA) were appointed as CEOC Honorary Presidents during a touching ceremony at the Royal castle of Warsaw on 29 May. Both honorary presidents received the CEOC sword in recognition of their continuous and future support to promote the Independent Technical Inspection and Certification Industry as the means to ensure product and installation safety, thus making the world a safer place to live.


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