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       Air, Land and Maritime Transport 15/09/2008
Emission performance standards for new passenger cars

The major proposals and amendments from various parties / countries are as follows:

-         The mass (weight) of a car should no longer be the basis for evaluating/measuring CO² emissions. There is a broad acceptance of the formula of axle width multiplied with the wheelbase being printed in the car paper.

-         Opinions still differ about the pace of reduction of CO² emissions. A majority, however, favours the 120g/Km in 2012. This is essential for car manufacturers who are not able to fulfil that target and have to pay penalties accordingly.

-         For the subsequent years up to 2020, proposals range from 20-60 g/Km.  

-          A bonus scheme could motivate manufacturers to meet the CO² reduction targets.

-         The driving test cycles for both the average consumption and the CO² emissions will be redefined in order to appropriately inform the public.

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